Natural Cures for Insomnia
Natural Cures for Insomnia :: Bad Ways to Cure Insomnia

The 10 BAD Ways to Cure Insomnia

The number of ridiculous & ineffective "cures" for sleep deprivation -- which are being used on a daily basis by MILLIONS of people -- is WAY more than it should be. Many of these supposed ways to cure insomnia are usually just good for lowering stress SLIGHTLY and increasing relaxation SLIGHTLY. That said, take a peek down below and find out if you might have been deceived by some of these absurd natural home cures. You might thing they work, but they they really DON'T!

The 10 BAD Ways to Cure Insomnia & Sleep Problems...

- Sleeping In Complete, TOTAL Darkness

- Making Your Sleeping Environment Colder

- Taking One Or 2 Sleeping Pills Before Bed (Over The Counter Or Prescription)

- Several Minutes Of Deep, Controlled Breathing

- Having A Glass Of Warm Milk

- Drinking A Cup Of Herbal Tea; Chamomile, Valerian, Passionflower, Lavender, Etc.

- Having A Light Snack Before Bed

- Aromatherapy With Candles And Incense

- Using A Face/Eye-mask Every Night

- A 15 Minute Hot Bath With Herbal Oils Before Bed

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 10 techniques & "remedies" listed above could in fact allow you to fall asleep somewhat sooner. Nevertheless, they aren't dependable ways to cure insomnia by any means. Feel free to use them, just don't expect a miracle.

The Reason These Treatments Fail...

The main reason the 10 remedies listed here aren't effective ways to cure insomnia is simply due to the fact that none of them target the true cause of lack of sleep; which happens to be a hyperactive -- or just "overactive" -- brain. Such methods and supposed "remedies" (as mentioned) merely assist in stress relief & heightened relaxation. They will not do a single thing to assist with the slowing down of brainwaves; which are electrical pulses within your brain which aid or HINDER sleep.

Yes, it is indeed true that there are some natural treatments which might encourage some level of drowsiness. But in most cases, it's just a short-term solution -- one which chronic insomnia can easily outmaneuver and get around before too long. To seriously get rid of chronic insomnia problems (or even just mild sleeplessness for that matter), you must find an effective way to decrease your brains hyperactive state and make it (and your body, as a result) prepared for deep, comfortable sleep. How can this be done? Well, that's the hard part.

Regrettably, you'll find that there aren't many methods to "decrease" brainwave activity both safely & naturally. Currently, the only recognized approach is by using a good quality sleeptrack CD; often called brainwave entrainment therapy. This kind of natural and very inexpensive treatment makes use of soundwaves -- usually a collection of specially calibrated tones, pulses, and hypnotic rhythms -- to relax the mind and get it prepared for deep, uninterrupted rest. Amongst the very few LEGITIMATE ways to cure insomnia quickly, brainwave entrainment has got to be the easiest, the cheapest, the safest, and of course, the most EFFECTIVE treatment around. If you don't believe that, well, then you're probably one of the few insomniacs that has yet to give this remedy a try.

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